Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Legend of Lam-ang

Character Design of Lam-ang:  a Mythical Filipino hero.
He is a monster slayer, he has a couple of tatoos, which are actually the spirits of some powerful monsters he has slain.  On his right arm/chest (left in pic) is the boar spirit, which gives his shield powerful defenses.  On his left arm/chest (right in pic)  is the dog spirit, which gives his sword hand ferocious strength in battle.  He also has a rooster tatoo on his back, powers of which are unknown at this time....

Old sculpture

An old sculpt that I did, the bones of Dolichocollis Ursucornis, a horned descendant of bears.
The muscles are supposed to go on the other side, I hope to finish it one day...

Also an old first attempt at sculpting! He's Kasaag, one of my characters for my Paradea story. I sculpted him for a toy design class.

neglected blog....

wow, I haven't posted anything in this space in a while, so I will post something!!!
Hence, a pic of my latest toy acquisition, King Grayskull!!!!