Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Something to keep in mind...

I feel like this is so true! Got it from an artist named Brizl's blog, a friend sent it to him.

Fox MLB Baseball Robot

Designed to be an answer to Fox NFL's Cleatus, Foam Fanatics wanted to create a robot for Fox MLB. I was commissioned to create a concept based on some early roughs and a finished head. I hadn't realized that the toy was actually made until the end of last year. There were a lot of changes from my original design, but I'm happy I got involved. It didn't quite take off the way they wanted it to, but I'm glad it at least got some limited release online. I managed to pick up an L.A. Angels 'bot at Amazon, I wanted a Dodgers one but it was sold out everywhere!

Quick Sketches for ThreeA Drop Releases!

Here's a couple of quick sketches I did for the ThreeA Toys Drop releases. Everytime they pre-sell a toy on Bambaland.com, they open the F5 Bar, where people can chat about the toys and submit sketches just for the fun of it!

WWRp Jungler Grunt Drop
WWR Meat is Murder Drop
Action Portable Tomorrow Queens Drop